C1 - In situ and solid-state NMR spectroscopy of PCLs

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Eike Brunner, TU Dresden, [webpage]
Doctoral researcher Anjana Aravind

Solid-state NMR spectroscopy delivers structural information based on the exploitation of short-range interactions and does not require long-range (crystalline) order. It is frequently used for the investigation of various materials. Furthermore, NMR spectroscopy is increasingly applied in an in situ fashion, e.g., to study chemical reactions, synthesis processes as well as adsorption and electroadsorption processes.

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NMR spectroscopic approaches to study 2D materials
Figure: Scheme showing the NMR spectroscopic approaches planned to study 2D materials such as PCLs. .

Thesis topic: In situ NMR spectroscopy of PCLs

The project aims to further develop and use in situ NMR spectroscopy in combination with solid-state NMR techniques to study PCLs and their behavior under working conditions (Figure). It will include studies of processes in electrochemical devices like supercapacitors based on precursor-derived carbon architectures, in particular during electroadsorption processes as well as gas adsorption studies for surface characterization. This will be performed in collaboration with the Kaskel group. In situ NMR spectroscopy is complementary to in situ Raman techniques (Weidinger). NMR is sensitive for all dissolved educts, products and intermediates while Raman detects the electrode surfaces.

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